April Special

Only $480 USD
Free footrest cover and DVD.

2 year warranty, 14 day money back guarantee.

Original Sun ANcon Chi Machine

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine: $480

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Original Sun ANcon Chi Machine

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine with FIR Pad: $599

Get a FIR Pad, Chi Machine Special Deal. Save another $100 over the retail price.

Specials for our Canadian Customers.

We sell only the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine that includes a 14 day unconditional money back guarantee.


Shipping Costs for Lower 48 states in USA.
Chi Machine: $25
ePower: $15
Advanced ERE: $15

Please note shipping costs to Hawaii and Alsaka are higher. Please call for a quote.

State Tax will be added to all orders where a state retail tax is charged.

Featured on the Doctor's show. Not the imitation, but the OriginalSun Ancon Chi Machine. Watch out for imitations. >> More


Do you suffer from...
  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stiff Muscles
  • Low Back Pain
  • Poor Circulation
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
If so, you may enjoy using the Chi Machine Therapeutic Massager.
6 Major Benefits Derived from Therapeutic Massage
  1. Cellular Activation
    Massage Stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system opens up the bronchioles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs, simultaneously the blood flow to and from the lungs is increased, enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs to the blood and therefore to the body cells to excite a cellular metabolism.
  2. Spinal Balancing
    With the body relaxed in the prone position with no weight on the spine, the massage unit will influence a correction to certain conditions of misalignment. Such corrective action can in turn's cure or alleviates complications arising in vertebra joints from certain spinal misalignment.
  3. Improving the Immune System
    Therapeutic massage stimulates globulin production which increases the immune system's defense capacity thereby providing greater freedom from disorders and disease.
  4. Blood Production
    Blood is produced in the spleen and spinal bone marrow. Reduction of spleen blood production can arise from the spleen's susceptibility to damage. The massager's action on the spine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which increases spinal "marrow" blood production. Any form of anemia can be benefited by this Massage action.
  5. Restoration of Balance to the Autonomic Nervous System
    If the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems fail to ensure balance of function, insomnia, excessive dreaming, digestive problems, stomach pain, palpitation, anxiety, constipation, neurasthenia, and extensive forms of aches and pains as well as mental stress may surface. The influence of the massager on the sympathetic nervous system can restore the vital balance to the nervous system, resulting in restoration of health from such conditions.
  6. Exercising Internal Organs
    Western medical science is beginning to consider ancient eastern traditions that focus on healing and good health as a life force energy, which flows in channels through all living forms. Western practitioners to invigorate the life-force energy flow to restore health to unhealthy organs are using acupuncture and associated therapies. The Chinese refer to this energy as "Chi". Therapeutic massage will aid in unblocking the "Chi" pathways and ensure a maximum flow of this healing source, through all body organs, to restore normal or improved functioning to impaired organs and body systems related to such organs.

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